How can one type of therapy help with so many problems?

The answer is very simple – all these problems are caused by one thing and that is stress.

Whatever it is that causes us stress, be it pressure at work, health, bereavement, divorce, hunger, anger (the list goes on and on), our bodies have only one way of reacting and that is the classic ‘fight or flight’ response. We have no control over that. Our bodies react instantly, bypassing the conscious thought process – that’s too slow, we need to respond immediately.

Very shortly afterwards, the body injects the antidote and starts to calm down.

All of which is fine if the cause of the stress has gone away. But if it hasn’t we are left with a system that is both getting pumped up and calmed down at the same time and we weren’t designed to live that way.

And that messes up our bodies and our minds.

We can’t change our reaction to stress, but we can learn to change what causes us stress.